TrakMotive UTV Axle Review: Tough Axles on a Budget


Staff member
Nov 28, 2018
Founded in 2006, TrakMotive has been producing CV axles for longer than most. We’ve seen them at a few trade shows over the years, but honestly haven’t given them a ton of attention. The company doesn’t rely on flashy displays and super slick marketing. Because of that, they’re not very well known in the UTV industry, even though they have a solid distribution chain from retailers like Amazon, 4WheelParts and O’Reilly Auto Parts, along with a host of smaller retailers. TrakMotive seems to stick to what they do best: Manufacturing.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Necessity can also be the mother of trying a new product. Thus, we got introduced first-hand to their products. While we were out pre-running the course for the 2020 King of the Hammers, we ended up breaking a couple of aftermarket axles and were running short on spares. We visited several vendors set up for the race and 4WheelParts were the only ones we found that had what we needed on...
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