Stuck Indoors? The All New Overpass UTV Game for Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC May Just Be the Solution


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Nov 28, 2018
A new UTV and ATV racing from Bigben Interactive couldn’t have come at a better time for offroad enthusiasts who are starting to get cabin fever. With concerns about COVID-19 causing offroad parks to close, UTV events and races to cancel and states announcing shelter in place mandates, Overpass may just be the entertainment that UTV enthusiasts need while many of us are staying home.

Overpass isn’t your typical racing simulator. You are placed in challenging offroad environments and just like in real life, wide open throttle is not always the best choice. You will deal with hard pack dirt, loose sand, deep mud and water crossings. You will be tested by steep hill climbs, huge rocks, off camber side hilling, along with man-made obstacles like pipes and artificially placed logs. This is a racing game that will require strategy, picking the best lines, knowing when to feather the throttle and when to hit it with everything you’ve got...
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