How To: RzR XP S&B Particle Separator Install


Staff member
Nov 28, 2018
RzR owners looking to get the most performance out of their UTV have a lot of options on the market. From programmers, performance exhaust systems, clutch tuning kits and more, the aftermarket continues to deliver many options to increase the performance of the machine.

However, regardless of what modifications are done to any vehicle, it will never be able to take full advantage of those upgrades if it isn’t receiving enough air. The Frogskinz pre-filters that comes stock on a Polaris RzR work just moderately well in keeping dust from reaching the intake filter. In dusty environments, they clog up quickly decreasing performance. In muddy environments, the pre-filter gets covered and chokes off air going to the intake resulting in major power losses.

S&B has a solution for the problem with their particle separator system and UTV Revolution is here to guide you through how to install the product on your Polaris RzR XP...

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