Best UTV Tires for your SxS


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Nov 28, 2018
What is the best tire for my UTV? It is a question that can spark hours of debate and there is no single answer that will be the same for everyone. There are many factors that come into play when truly attempting to answer the question, but we are going to do our best in providing you a guide to help get the tire that is the “best” for your SxS.

There are several questions that have to be asked to best determine what tire is right for you. Some are built for strength, others for traction, some are built for tread wear and most try to compromise and give good characteristics for as many factors as possible. There are a few that are purpose built that excel in certain conditions, while not being great in other environments.

What type of conditions do you normally ride in? Are you in a wet and muddy area where deep and wide lugs perform? Do you ride in dry and rocky areas, where a soften compound provides superior traction? Does your rig see a lot of asphalt where tread...
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