Best Brake Pads for Your RZR: What to Buy and How To Install Them


Staff member
Nov 28, 2018
The types of brake pads offered for UTVs are almost as varied as the types of conditions and environments that your typical SxS is driven in. Depending on how you ride and the type of environment you usually prefer can make a big difference on what is the best brake pad for your vehicle.

First, swapping out your brake pads is very simple on your Polaris RzR and can be done with tools that are most likely already in your garage. You can get professional results as long as you pay attention to some critical steps along the way.

First, jack up the side you are changing out and remove the tire. You will need to remove the brake caliper from the rotor. For the front it is as simple as removing the two 15mm bolts. For the rear, you may need to remove your lower radius rod to access to the lower bolt...
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